Careers @ Chandriga Hospital


Anaesthesia Technician

1. Provide triage and critical care to all incoming emergent cases whilst managing patients currently in the hospital.
2. Assist with all aspects of anesthesia including induction, nerve blocks, epidurals, and trauma.
3. Assess vitals, apply splints and other orthopedic devices, perform wind care, phlebotomy and EKG's.
4. Make art lines, transducers, swan lines, and fluid warmers for heart, trauma and other surgeries.
5. Assist surgeon during orthopedic minimally invasive spine surgical procedures.
6. Rotate to other surgical departments including neurology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and general medicine.
7. Maintain immediate availability to assist in routine and emergency procedures and obtain blood products and pharmaceuticals if need.
8. Provide anesthesia technician services to patients under the direct supervision of a license anesthesia care provider designate by the client facility.
9. Assist anesthesiologists in preparing patients for local or general anesthesia in the areas of main surgery, outpatient surgery and labor/delivery.
10. Assist hospital anesthesia providers with: surgery supplies, operating room turnovers, equipment troubleshooting, patient assistance and transport as requested.

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Pharmacy Assistant

Pharmacy assistants work as part of a pharmacy team under the direction of a registered pharmacist. The work includes:

1. Taking in and handing out prescriptions.
2. Dispensing prescriptions.
3. Using computer systems to generate stock lists and labels.
4. Ordering items.
5. Receiving, loading, unloading deliveries.
6. Delivering medicines to other parts of a hospital or health.
7. Selling over-the-counter medicines.
8. Answering customers questions face to face or by phone.


OT Staff Nurse

1. Assess patients prior to surgery (e.g. NPO status) and alleviate their concerns.
2. Gather all supplies needed for the operation.
3. Assume responsibility of keeping the operating room sterilized.
4. Position and prepare patient on operating table.
5. Pass medical instruments or other objects to the surgeon during operation.
6. Monitor patient’s vital signs to detect anomalies.
7. Evaluate patient in postoperative phases.
8. Adhere to safety standards and precautions.
9. Assume duties within or out of the sterile field as assigned.

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Public Relations Officer

Public relations officers in health care settings are responsible for maintaining the desired image of a health care facility in the public eye. As such, they must be knowledgeable about the internal workings of the facility and must also be aware of its strategic objectives. Having good people skills and strong interpersonal communication skills are also paramount to being successful in this type of role


ICU Trained Staff Nurse

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in delivering care to patients in intensive care units of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Their duties include evaluating the patient's conditions, administering treatment, and providing constant support during recovery.


Cath Lab Technician

catheterization laboratory, or cath lab, technician is a professional who works in the field of cardiovascular technology. Cath lab techs are vital team members who assist doctors during invasive cardiovascular procedures such as angioplasty, cardiac catheterization, and electrophysiology.



A hospital security guard is responsible for the protection of people such as medical staff, patients, visitors, and vendors. Apart from this, securing the hospital properties including medical equipment and classified information also part of your job

ward manager

Ward Manager

To be responsible for the management of their ward/ department, effectively leading, motivating, supervising and directing staff to ensure that time and resources are managed through effective teamwork.

Insurance Coordinator

Insurance Coordinator

Insurance coordinator should have good knowledge in Hospital Insurance, Insurance coordinator should have knowledge about insurance plans and overseeing a portfolio of clients.


Duty Medical Officer

The Duty medical officer is responsible to offer the medical care services to patients in casualty and Medical wards