We take great pride in providing world-class vascular care that promotes collaboration among various specialities involved. We offer a wide range of vascular services for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to arterial, venous and lymphatic systems through medical therapy, minimally-invasive catheter procedures, and surgical reconstruction. Our Vascular Surgery Specialists are trained internationally in the diagnosis and management of many conditions that affect circulation that include disease of the artery, vein and lymph vessels. Many conditions need no surgery, radiology or invasive procedures and often a Vascular surgeon acts as a deterrent to these surgeries, advising the patients to adopt healthier lifestyles that includes proper diet and exercise. The team ensures to treat all patients with quality care by using advanced techniques to help them recover faster.

Our team at Chandriga Hospitals offers comprehensive management of some of the simple to the most complex vascular disorders. Our panel of physicians, including Vascular Surgeons in Nagercoil , interventional cardiologists and endovascular specialists are available round the clock. They deliver prompt and accurate medical diagnosis followed by an effective treatment plan to help restore healthy blood flow. The surgery and procedures involved in the treatment of vascular diseases will depend on their type and severity. They provide the latest comprehensive, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for an entire spectrum of circulatory disorders. They offer specialized care from medical management to minimally invasive endovascular therapy and conventional open surgery.

We at Chandriga specialize in:

✔ Leading-edge diagnostic imaging
✔ Evidence-based medical treatments
✔ Endovascular treatments
✔ Minimally invasive techniques
✔ Minimally invasive varicose veins surgery / Laser treatment for Varicose veins.
✔ Advanced operative procedures
✔ Improving quality of life in patients with vascular disease
✔ Multi-disciplinary management of vascular complications
✔ Post-treatment follow-up