Chandriga Multi-speciality Hospital offers a wide range of obstetrics & gynaecological care to women

Our Service Ranges From

✔ Pre-cenceptional counseling (Pre-pregnancy advice)
✔ Fertility work up (Infertility evaluation)
✔ Fertility treatment [Ovulation induction follicular study, Intrauterine In semination [IUI}
✔ Confirmation of pregnancy
✔ Holistic pregnancy care [Antenatal Checkups]
✔ Scans during pregnancy
✔ Multi-disciplinary care during pregnancy for high risk obstetrics
✔ [Dialectologist, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Endocrinologist]
✔ Contraception advice – Intrauterine Contraceptive Device Insertion
✔ Laparoscopic Sterilization[Permanent Method]

Our Gynecology Services

✔ Harmonal Imbalance leading to menstrual irregularities [Irregular periods]
✔ Abnormal bleeding during periods caused by various condition like
✔ Fibroid
✔ Adenmyosis [Bulky uterus]
✔ Ovarian cysts – chocolate cysts [Endometriotre cysts]
✔ Leuconhea – white discharge per vaginum
✔ Cancer Screening – Pap smear endometrial biopsy mammogram
Menopause ✔ -Diagnosis of menopause
✔ - Management of menopause related problems
✔ - Evaluation of bleeding per vaginum after menopause
✔ - Safe use of Hormonal replacement Therapy
✔ Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgery

Laproscopy – Keyhole Management Removal of uterus [Laparoscopic ] of

✔ Large ovarian cysts
✔ Endometriosis [Chocolate cyst]
✔ Fibroid removal through laparoscopy
✔ Fertility evaluation [-dye test]
✔ Management of ectopic [tubal]


✔ Polyp removal
✔ Sub mucous fibroid / Pregnancy septum resection